South Loop’s ‘New Neighborhood’: What To Expect

As shared by DNA Info in their piece about the South Loop’s ‘new neighborhood,’ it is made clear that turning the Chicago River into a destination is a huge priority for the city right now.

The Chicago River has a rich history and the city spent millions during the 1920s and ‘30s to dig a channel and straighten the river. With new developments being planned, city officials are hoping for a continuous Riverwalk from Riverline’s site all the way down to Chinatown’s Ping Tom Park. “What makes it all special is the river,” Solis said in the article. The Riverline team is excited to have a part in transforming the South Loop neighborhood and revitalizing the Chicago River.

Homeowners of the South Loop are optimistic and seem to be excited to benefit from the new retail and rising real estate prices stemming from all of the new homes being developed along the river. Some neighbors are excited about the possibility of news schools in the area, while others are wondering how traffic will be impacted. Overall, it is a very exciting time for the South Loop as the area is experiencing a ton of growth and quickly becoming one of Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods.

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